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We offer individually packaged meats for your ultimate convenience. Try our pork, beef, and smoked products, and enjoy them with the whole family.

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We offer premium cuts of meat. Our products are always the most delicious addition to any meal, so stop by and see what you’ve been missing!

We also carry a variety of specialty smoked products including, Beef Jerky, Summer Sausage, Hunter Sausage, Teriyaki Sticks, and Pepperoni Sticks.

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beef, pork, smoked products

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All of our Specialty Smoked Products are handmade in house by our dedicated team, to ensure amazing quality and satisfaction.

All of our ham and bacon is cured and smoked right here in house

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Here at Eastern Oregon Mobile Slaughter we pride ourselves in producing quality products that you and your family can enjoy. From a family dinner, to a get-together around the BBQ. We have just what you need to get it all going!

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